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Mar. 14th, 2012

I'm going a bit overboard.  Most of this is the Gossamer set, with a belt, cape, and the Adventurer's Pith Helmet.  I haven't found the perfect staff, but this is what I truly imagine Enid's "working costume" to be.  Now if only I ever got around to writing for her so it would explain *why* the working costume.  (Also?  There was much inappropriate language when I realized I could transmog everything but the shirt.)

Enid now has a "working costume."  (It will of course, be one of MANY.)  Mostly, it's the Silver Thread regalia, with a bit of other stuff thrown in - namely head, waist, and weapon.  I'm going to start farming for the Master's Hat, but for now the band will do.

Feb. 13th, 2012

I've only found the two hats.  And it seems that she's developing a very...purple wardrobe.  Not on purpose!  I was leaning more toward red, but I can't seem to find anything to go with the pieces I've stashed in the bank.  Anywho...I forgot to write down what these were, but the purple hat and the cane are from the last set. And I just realized I forgot shoes in the first screenshot.  /facepalm  I'm searching for the perfect "working costume" for her, but I can't seem to find any respectable pant/jacket or pant/vest/shirt combos.  She's a level 72 now...so, if I don't find anything while I'm leveling, I'll just start searching the lists on WoWhead or something and going back for the pieces.
First post.  I put this together last night when I realized this model of hat on a goblin looks remarkably "Victorian wide-brimmed hat."  So, a quest reward coupled with a vendor robe and a rummage in the bank to find another quest reward = this outfit.
Shadowbrim Travel Hat - Quest reward in Hellfire Penninsula
Chromatic Robe - Robe vendor in UC
Ice Cream Churner - Quest reward in Thousand Needles
Some black shoes or another.

Now to go see about collecting other hats.  For what would a proper lady be doing out without that most necessary of accessories?!

And another one!

I have no idea how this works, even. I just picked up a few pieces from the AH. Thought 'Hey, I have X item that might work with this...' and before you know it, outfit!

Takes me weeks to put together an outfit for my paladin. But my priest, about ten minutes. And I think I will keep this one for awhile, I like it.

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One for the boys.

You know, it's a lot tougher to mog my plate wearers than my cloth, leather or even mail wearers. Since plate doesn't enter the picture till lvl 40, there isn't as much of it floating around. Still, I put this together today and had fun doing so. Some of it is higher level gear, but it /looked/ cool for once.

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Ivoria: Gilnean Action!Mage

I've been playing around with transmogrification/RP outfits for some of my up and comings. Here's something I put together as a 'working' ensemble for Ivoria, my Worgen Mage.(pictured here in her preferred human form).

I got the helm token on a Hyjal run and noticed it kind-of matched the Gilneas tabard in my bag, so I went digging for blue/gold pieces. Some of the colors aren't an exact match, but I'm pretty happy with it for the moment.

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Transmogrification things

I'm not entirely certain of my purpose in posting this but it seemed like the right thing to do. Or maybe I'm just bored. In any case... I was originally only going to post the green gear below to show you all what I'd like to get for Alaia, even though the most important bits drop in Naxxramas and I have little chance of ever getting there, let alone being the one to win the pieces. But maybe someday!

I'm sure you've all seen the moonshroud set before, which I absolutely love and have every single piece but the belt. I was going to post that one just because I've never actually seen anyone with the shoulders. As I said, I like that set but that green... I've never seen that before. Anywhere. And while I do love the blue, everyone under the sun has those moonshroud robes. I want something different, a little less common.

And I like these particular sets, not because they're showing skin but because they make a nice working set but when it's time for other rp peel the gloves and shoulders off, drop the weapon and it's a pretty dress. There are a handful of shirts that look nice under them and a handful of tabards that look nice over them.

So today I pieced together the green set. And as I got to looking I realized that there were belts and shoulders to go with the spellweave and the ebonweave as well so I thought... why not put them all together for people to see? It's always good to have references somewhere!

As for that... if anyone knows any decent staves or anything, or head gear for that matter, that would go with any of these sets feel free to share because on those parts I lost the drive to keep looking. I added a staff for effect and because I knew there were two with the same model but different colors to fit the gear. And as far as I know the purple/ebonweave set doesn't have a perfectly matching belt like the others so I haven't listed one.

But here they are in order of color shown.

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Sometimes Alaia Wears Pants


These are a few of her nicer non skirt bearing outfits. And a few of her not so nice 'I'm working, don't bother me' outfits.

Long, long overdue but here they are!

Blue Martial Shirt Vendor in Dalaran.
Regal Leggins These drop all over the place and are usually one of the easier ones to find on the AH.
Recruits Boots Bought off Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad, or the AH if you're lazy like me. :p

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More mage outfits! (And one hunter.)

I've been poking around with MogIt (best. addon. ever.) to finish off some sets I had in mind, and I also used the Model Viewer to replicate a set or two I already have. All but one should be fully moggable, I think.

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Also adding a question here: I need cloth lenses, helms, etc. that cover the left eye rather than the right. My mage doesn't have a left eye but all of the lenses I find go over the wrong one! She likes to keep it covered but I cannot for the life of me find anything that will let me reflect that on the model. I can just use goggles if it comes to it, though.