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Transmogrification outfit complete!

For Alinor, at least-- I have all of the pieces I need, pretty much, ready to go. The staff may change, but it's really not a huge deal since this MC staff looks pretty okay. (I'd love to get the Ethereum Life-Staff from Solarian in Tempest Keep, though.)

Head: Craftsman's Monocle
Shoulders: Mantle of the Tempest
Chest: High Councillor's Tunic
Shirt: White Tuxedo Shirt
Wrists: High Councillor's Bracers
Hands: Flower Picker's Gloves
Belt: Caravan Sash
Pants: Infectis Incher Leggings
Feet: Slippers of the Lonely Road

Staff: Staff of Dominance -- As said, this one is pretty flexible, and just happens to be what I have at hand that looks best for the time being. :)
Wand: Scepter of Lost Souls -- Wands don't really show much, but this one was too cool to pass up. Very sciencey. :)


Lexifrazz: On Fire

I love Warrior tier gear because it is all so over the top. Especially when scaled to fit a Gnome.

I got two drops of Warrior t5 tonight on and was in a silly mood. Going on the fire/demonic/wings look of the shoulders, I threw this together out of stuff in my bank. This looks like the beginnings of a Hallow's End costume:

Head: Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles. - Engineering . Circle of Flame was what I really wanted, but I didn't have it on hand.
Shoulder: Destroyer Shoulderblades - Warrior Tier 5
Chest: Black Embersilk Gown - Tailoring. It was a tossup between that and Vestment of Summer for FIRE DANCE action.
Shirt: Amber Filigreed Doublet - Vendor in Dalaran. The gown is cut really low and this filled in the line between it and the shoulders
Gloves: Destroyer Gauntlets - Warrior Tier 5
Foot: Sandals of Summer  -  Midsummer Festival holiday gear.  The color's a little off, but with the FEET OF FLAME activated, it doesn't even show.

How does I dress rouge?!?

One of my lesser-played toons is a worgen rogue (Cass, level 68 on Wyrmrest Accord, say hi sometime!) but that doesn't mean I want her to not have a potential outfit when Mogging is Go! So, I decided to put together a couple of put-together looking outfits for her.

I apologize in advance for not doing links for these, but they're on WoWHead. :)

Pics under here!Collapse )

All that glitters

First off let me apologize for the long gap in posts (why haven't you all been making any?! *glaaaaaaaaare*) but I've been off line getting things in order for house guests. I have been collecting stuff though so I'm going to try and get most of it up today. Probably. Or not. But here's one at any rate! Good for a paladin if you're not worried about looking all bk, or a warrior, most especially blood elves for obvious reasons. But it might look good on an orc! Maybe...

Anyway, it's an outfit I've seen on a couple of people but as I got no permission I went to the modelviewer and slapped it all on my pally. I think it looks far better on the tiny dude next to her however, which is why he's there. I also didn't attach a weapon because I had nothing specific in mind. They guy had a very basic sword with an enchant to make it flamey. So as for weapons... get what you like is my advice. :p So, here goes!

Drake Talon Pauldrons Drops in Blackwing Lair.
Conqueror's Breastplate World drop.
Scarlet filigreed doublet Bought in Dalaran.
Conqueror's Guantlets World/various dungeon drop.
Conqueror's Girdle World drop.
Conqueror's Greaves World drop.
Lavacrest Leggings Drops off Bael'Gar in BRD.
Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord.


Because we need as many posts at once as we can get. At least I can't jump in game and copy all the crap I've saved over the past few days. Now that said, this particular toon is not mine!

I found myself in the Row a few evening's ago with my dk, checking mail when this blue clad chick popped up and settled herself nearby. I thought nothing of it, she was wearing your standard hood-and-dark-blue that most dk's seem to favor. And then I turned to leave and thought I'd have a look, she wasn't a dk at all, but a paladin in disguise! Which I thought was pretty damn spiffy so I took pictures and labeled gear.

I've since seen a few other non-dk's dressed similarly. Maybe there's some plot I don't know about going on. Next time I need to check guild tags but for now you can all revel in the awesomeness of her dead-not dead outfit!

Cowl of the Guiltless Drops off Aeonus though there are several look-a-likes.
Mantle of the Unforgiven Drops off Nexus-Prince Shaffar in the Mana-Tombs, though again, there are several look-a-likes.
Woolen Cape Tailoring.
Chestguard of No Remorse Drops off Hydromancer Thespia in The Steamvault. This also has at least one look-a-like and several near look-a-likes.
Stylish black shirt Bought off Lisbeth Schneider in Stormwind or found on the AH if you're Horde.
Gloves of the Unbound Drops off Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates in the Arcatraz.
Liar's Cord Drops off Rokmar the Crackler in the Slave Pens.
Leggings of the Unrepentant Drops off Keli'dan the Breaker in The Blood Furnace.
Boots of the Unjust Drops of Exarch Maladaar in Auchenai Crypts.
Sonic Spear Drops off Murmur in Shadow Labyrinth.

Basically everything in this list has a look-a-like, some identical, some extremely close seconds. If you do a little poking, or ask me to, you could have this outfit in pretty much any color you wanted. I know I've put it together in red, black and purple. And I'm pretty sure I've found the pieces to do it up in green and possibly yellow. Should anyone feel the need for such an outfit. ;)

Downtime Gnometime.

It's always Tuesday with me, isn't it. And it's always Gnomes.

In the uniform of the Survivor Assistance Facilitation Expedition (S.A.F.E.), Lexifrazz is ready to venture through the outskirts of Gnomeregan in search of  irradiated refugees and lowbie characters.

With the exception of the goggles, I picked all of this up on the AH for under 5 gold. I believe they're all a zone drop from Wetlands and corresponding level dungeons (including Gnomeregan) There is also a blue skin of the set that matches the uniform of the mainstream Gnomeregan Infanty. Only piece I haven't been able to find have been the shoulders. They may not exist in the game.

Yes, I pay an unhealthy level of attention to what NPCs wear. I think I learn things when I do :D

Goggles: Safety Goggles (again! Quest reward, Badlands)
Shirt: Green Linen Shirt
Chest: Shimmering Armor
Legs: Shimmering Trousers
Feet: Shimmering Boots
Hands: Shimmering Gloves
Waist: Shimmering Sash
I've been working on this one for a couple of weeks and I'm pretty content with it though she needs something better (that I can actually get my hands on) for her head. And maybe red boots, but I'm quite liking the grey right now. I figured this works as a nice mage outfit. Maybe a bit too magistrix like for someone who isn't one but... oh well!

Robe of Power Tailoring
Bloodwoven Pads World drop. Identical to: Crimson Silk Shoulders which you get through tailoring.
Zoe's Comforting Cape World drop.
Red Mageweave Gloves Tailoring.
Voidweave Cilice Dropped by Voidhunter Yar.
Moccasins of the White Hare World drop.
Crown of the Fire Festival From A Thief's Reward.
Golden Staff of the Sindorei Drops off of Kil'jaeden in Sunwell Plateau.

Servers are still down. Here is something completely nerdy.

Help me, Obi-wan Kegnomie

From the moment Lexifrazz was handed her standard issue Very Light Sabre as a Level 3 Warrior, I was sold on a visual gimmick. It's why I keep the brown cinnamon bun hair, even though I think that the new hairstyles are awesome. Here is Lexi, practicing Jedi moves in Blackrock Mountain.

Weapon: Very Light Sabre (Gnome Warrior quest reward, starting zone. Same model as Spellfire Longsword from the Slave Pens)
Robe: Brown Linen Robe (tailoring)
Head: Enchanter's Cowl (tailoring)
Feet: Recruit's Boots (Warrior starting gear, can also be bought in Old HIllsbrad instance)


Bellamy: Rogue About Town

It's already been stated, but gnomes can be a little tough to dress sometimes. Some patterns (especially busy robe designs) can look squashed and awkward on their little bodies. Elaborate shoes are almost a moot point since they're all so smooshed down you don't see details. On the other hand, some of the more ridiculous Outland clown suits actually don't look too bad on them.

I have a White Linen Shirt to wear under this outfit, but frankly I like it without. Bells has some buff little arms that she doesn't mind showing off. And I like that the greens are slightly different - brighter on top than below, silver studs and brass.

Feet:  Sand Stalker Ankleguards - Actually my favorite 'shoes' for her. A drop off of the rare, elite Zerillis in Zul'Farrak, they're just 'braces' for ankles, and keep your feet bare. On this outfit they add a little extra flare, like cuffs on the pants. I might pick up a pair of sandals for her, though.
Hands: Serpentskin Gloves - Drops off of a ton of things.
Legs: Serpentskin Leggings
Chest: Keeper's Armor

I've also added the Mok'nathal Wildercloak to this on occasion, but she looks a little too much like a green superhero. She's super enough without them :p


Aellais:Undead Battlefield Couture.

Death Knights are tricky.  They get such cool looking starting armor out the gate that I almost didn't want to mess with it, until I got tired of looking like every other Death Knight out there. Not wanting to be covered in skulls' ruled out 90% of cool tier pieces, so I went rummaging in my bank and shook out a few maroon and grey pieces I matched up with some good AH finds.

 I wanted to look less 'Scourgelord' and more 'leper knight'. To that end, I like that the patterns don't exactly match, and that some of them are more faded than the others.

Shoulder: Halgrind Epaulets
Chest: Condor-Bone Chestguard
Hand: Gauntlets of the Culling
Belt: Scouting Belt
Leg: Drivetrain Chain Leggings
Boot: Coldrock Sabatons